Bare Naked Chats

Natalia Komis and Ash Moon

Bare Naked Chats
71 min2019 SEP 10
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In this episode we are talking to Becky Young who founded the Anti Diet Riot Club in 2017 to bring the body acceptance movement out of online spaces and into real life.

Listen to Becky’s story of how she decided enough was enough after dieting for 10+ years. During this brilliant chat we talk about the false dieting dream, the consequences and the realities of dieting and why we do it. How different cultures, families and even our parents can influence our dieting obsessions. We discussed unlearning how we speak, think and treat others, including how to move away from the negative connotations around weight and body image. How dieting and the beauty ideal is a strong political sedative, especially for women. Is the new “normal” a disordered eating trait?

We loved chatting to Becky about this important topic and hearing all she’s doing with the Anti Diet Riot Club.

Do go check out all the wonderful work she’s doing @antidietriotclub and @theantidietriotbus.

Find them on their website www.antidietriotclub.co.uk

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