Bare Naked Chats

Natalia Komis and Ash Moon

Bare Naked Chats
70 min2019 AUG 13
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In this episode we talk to Fran Lucraft, founder and CEO of Grace & Green a premium organic and biodegradable period brand.

We have a brilliant chat (with a heavily pregnant Fran!) about menstrual hygiene including some shocking facts about its link to the environment; eco anxiety and how this has been a driving force for Grace & Green; going from not necessarily being maternal to loving having children of her own; sharing parental responsibilities with your partner, especially as a female founder; the world of investment in business and the lack of female financers, plus we even get into politics! This is a light but heartfelt conversation with great insights to help us all dig a little deeper into some important and current topics that we should all be thinking about today. 

Check out Grace & Green on their website https://graceandgreen.co/

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