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Natalia Komis and Ash Moon

Bare Naked Chats
66 min2019 SEP 24
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Menses, Aunt Flow, Red Wedding, Shark Week, Chum, Time Of The Month,Carrie, Code Red, Girl Flu, whatever you call your period, today we’re here to sit down with Le’Nise Brothers, a hormone and menstruation professional, nutritionist and advocate for womens’ health, to get into the nitty gritty details.

The amount of women who still don’t fully understand their menstrual cycle (ourselves included here) is staggering! Which is why we wanted to talk with Le’Nise and learn more about what part our hormones play and how to harness the power of our periods to our best advantage in business and life. Plus hear how diet and lifestyle changes helped Le’Nise overcome symptoms of anxiety, depression, endometriosis and more.

We learnt so much from our conversation with Le'Nise, and would love to know your thoughts too. If you want to find out more from her you can check out her website here and her instagram here.

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