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Natalia Komis and Ash Moon

Bare Naked Chats
48 min2019 AUG 27
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**Trigger Warning** This week we are joined by the inspirational Hannah Shewan Stevens, a campaigner, writer, photographer, and advocate for survivors of sexual abuse.
In this sensitive but empowering episode we talk about her campaigns for acceptance of visible differences, awareness of chronic illness and improved sex education within the UK’s school system. We take a deep dive into Hannah’s story of becoming the outspoken and empowered woman that she is today, plus topics such as reclaiming your sexuality, the various layers of PTSD, the joys of having an aware and supportive partner and finding the right kind of therapy for you as an individual.

Find Hannah and her new campaign #IAmASexualSurvivor over on instagram @hannahshewanstevens

If you are or have been affected by any of the topics we've discussed in this episode here are some great organisations that you can chat to:





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