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Before the Train Wreck

Richard Cooper

Before the Train Wreck
54 min2020 AUG 21
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Most men start off in a strong frame, early in relationships, then through a process of betatization by 1,000 concessions, he becomes unattractive to his girlfriend or wife.

Maintaining frame is paramount to a strong LTR, and most men get it wrong

Some areas I'll cover include, but aren't limited to:

- Inviting a problem woman into your life
- Becoming 'exclusive' fast
- Not spinning plates, or bringing up 'where do we stand' before she does
- Saying 'yes' too often, and not saying 'no' enough
- Failing her shit tests
- Being too needy
- Lacking in conventional male competency skills
- Not enforcing boundaries with male friends & social media
- Getting involved with a woman higher than your own SMV
- Letting the alpha widow enter your relationship
- Making her your everything
- Losing contact with his friends, and hobbies