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Before the Train Wreck

Richard Cooper

Before the Train Wreck
61 min2020 AUG 28
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Paul from Apex Mindset, and Divorce Lawyer, Jonathan C Noble Esq join me today to talk about breaking up with, and divorcing a Covert Narcissist, and why they need special treatment, ESPECIALLY in family law... Top female narcissist behaviors (these do NOT establish Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but they are narcissistic clues to have on your radar). In no special order: 1) Overly competitive / jealous. “Look what my friend Rita got for Valentine’s Day from her husband. WHAT DID YOU GET ME?”. 2) Overly concerned with her appearance. – cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dental work, lots of makeup, hair extensions, etc. 3) Materialistic – love spending $. Clothes, cars, handbags, jewelry, Love to flaunt and talk about what they have (even if it is paid on credit). 4) Thinks others are jealous of her. This feeds her ego. 5) She is overly sensitive to criticism. Insanely defensive. 6) She has a false sense of superiority. It is laughable to you when you see this, but the narcissist has zero sense of self awareness and really believes what she is saying. (Example: a woman in her 50’s or even 60’s really thinks she is still competing with a 30 year old on the SMV scale). 7) She is a drama queen. Bores quickly. Even insignificant events get blown out of proportion. 8) Triangulation – Loves to create problems then she pits people against each other. Even between their own children. 9) She has a shameless disregard for boundries, but demands you are in strict compliance with her wishes. 10) She gaslights you. “I never said that”.... you may be doubting your own reality. You feel like want to record your conversations with her to play for her later when she denies what she said. 11) Tries to make you feel like you are never enough. Belittles you during devaluation, discard stage. 12) She has a constant need for validation from you and everyone else around. 13) Long series of broken relationships. Serial dater. High body count. 14) She cannot stand not being in control of you. This can trigger narcissist rage when you stand firm. 15) She plays the victim and wants you to sympathize with her. 16) Many other red flags to watch out for......