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Before the Train Wreck

Richard Cooper

Before the Train Wreck
86 min2020 SEP 8
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Recently got zero'd out and feeling worse than nothing? Cool, now it's time to stop the sulking, and get some wins on the board. It's really easy to get overwhelmed with how bad your situation can get but getting wins on the board (fitness, money, game) can change your outlook and motivate you to win. Nothing inspires wanting more success than getting success. Discussion points: - EVERYONE gets kicked down in life, only winners get back up, losers sulk - Your circle of influence, dictates your successes - Your physical presence speaks louder than you think - Can you be lethal should the need be called upon you? - Are you competing in life, and how? - Making bank, can you make it rain? - Do you have game, do women have genuine desire for you? - Kick depression, and mental health issues Plus much more...