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Before the Train Wreck

Richard Cooper

Before the Train Wreck
82 min2020 OCT 14
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Jealousy: Why male jealousy is different than female jealousy, and how male jealousy can be either productive or destruction in relationships. In this broadcast we will cover... 1. Evolutionary origins of male and female jealousy and why they are fundamentally different. 2. Two types of jealousy; retroactive jealousy and current jealousy. Retroactive jealousy: jealous over past threats; men in her past and her past sexual history. 3. Is jealousy protective or damaging? 4. Existential Despair; the ultimate killer. Men react to the destructive aspect of jealousy with “existential despair.” They adopt the belief that any idea of being bonded to a woman and maintaining that bond long term is impossible. 5. Solutions: a man must get emotional control over his primal jealousy, which will be completely overstimulated. He must have patience and be able to break down everything logically and methodically; and assess potential mates for a retained ability to pair bond. “Red” flags and “green” flags and data points are valuable here, as well as observing her behavior over time. #Jealousy #DatingTips #Relationships