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Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society: Audio Fishbowl

Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society: Audio Fishbowl
56 MIN2017 APR 25
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More than any other recent event, the Year 2000 problem (better known as the Y2K bug) established the public awareness of the temporal and calendrical contingencies of computer systems. This talk revisits the Y2K bug to see what lessons can be drawn from this (non) event. Using archival research conducted at the Charles Babbage Institute, this talk undertakes an analysis of the Year 2000 Problem and the large-scale practices of technological repair and management that addressed it. By recovering the organized response to the perceived threat of the Y2K bug, this project treats the crisis as one of the greatest, public-facing attempts to educate and train individuals and organizations to manage the unforeseen and potentially devastating effects old code can have on contemporary computerized infrastructures.For more about this event, visit:https://cyber.harvard.edu/events/luncheons/2017/03/Mulvin