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Candid Conversation

David Dickman

Candid Conversation
213 min2017 AUG 23
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I just went Scouting for the first time last weekend. To kill time on the drive up, I hit record on my iphone and just started shooting the shit with my Brother-In-Law. Tyler graduated from the Architecture program at the University of Idaho. He is currently studying for this licensing exam, which we cover at length on this podcast. We also talk hunting, scouting, camping, hiking, pooping (yes, seriously), and what your path will look like if you want to be an Architect. This podcast is brought to you by Boise Mobile DJ. That is my Wedding and Event DJ Company. If you know anyone getting married, please send them on over to BoiseMobileDJ.com If you could please review this podcast on itunes, it would make me SO HAPPY! Thank you for listening.