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Celebrate Living History Australia

Bev Wilkinson

Celebrate Living History Australia
6 min2019 FEB 16
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Today we feature The Man that Followed his Heart by Griffith University graduate Michael Walecki. It was a rainy day that seemed just like every other one in Manchester. At around seven in the morning a young woman dressed in a dark blue rain jacket walked in with her head covered. As she took off her veil, long curly locks of golden brown hair unravelled towards her waist. She put down her umbrella and lifted her pale face and locked her hazel eyes with William’s. William couldn’t speak. She approached him and asked him for two loaves of bread. Normally William would chat with the customers at the store and would like to get to know everyone and how their day has been so far. But when he encountered this young woman, he could not even find the words to say good morning. She obviously saw that William was cast under her spell, and began giggling, laughing at the fact that a man didn’t have the courage to even say hello. She paid for the loaves and left the store. William couldn’t believe that someone had the ability to make him speechless, and promised himself that the next time he saw that woman, he would make up for his loss of words. The very next day the same woman walked into the bakery with a smile, asking for the same order of two loaves. William immediately said yes, and apologized for yesterday’s experience. They laughed about the experience and he offered to walk her back home. After a few months of walking the wonderful woman home and many other days spent together, William asked Lucy for her hand in marriage, and got married in the fall half a year later. https://www.celebratelivinghistory.com.au/the-man-that-followed-his-heart/