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Celebrate Living History Australia

Bev Wilkinson

Celebrate Living History Australia
4 min2019 FEB 5
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To celebrate the new year we are delving into stories our students have done over the years. Today we revisit Lance and Billy by Elise Cook.Lance was a young, handsome policeman who moved to Gladstone during wartime in Australia. Arriving with his good looks, a flashy car and a big dog by his side, he made an immediate impression on the women in Gladstone. However, Lance quickly decided there was only one person he was interested in; a local girl who preferred to be known as Billy. “He was lovely looking, with black curly hair,” Billy begins. “Everyone thought he was just terrific. He could have had any one of those girls from Gladstone, but he made up his mind that he wanted me. But I wasn’t interested, not in the slightest.” At least, she wasn’t to begin with. To see Lance and Billy online visit www.celebratelivinghistory.com