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CiTR -- copy/paste

CiTR & Discorder Magazine

CiTR -- copy/paste
--2018 JUL 20
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whoaaaa we're coming full circle here on copy/paste... for my final guest episode of copy/paste from CiTR studios* I brought a CiTR legend back in, one who I met in my first year at CiTR and has left a significant mark on the station, djb aka dj bee aka brad winter! In this episode we catch up to what he's been doing (spoiler: his new collaborative music project, hexen, is the first track in the mix), and then blesses us with a 100% vinyl mix spanning genres, decades, and worldly locales. Who else can play ambient drone, full on summer disco, and jersey club all in the same mix, all hot on wax? Drop into the mix, and make sure you keep an eye on the hexen bandcamp for forthcoming witchy releases: http://hexenhexen.bandcamp.com