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CiTR -- copy/paste

CiTR & Discorder Magazine

CiTR -- copy/paste
--2019 MAR 22
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Since moving to montreal, my life has changed pretty drastically. And with that change, as with any, old routines are discarded and new ones created. It's a gratifying process, one which allows you to re-evaluate why exactly you do the things you do. Recently, over the christmas holidays, I got a waterproof bluetooth speaker that I've been using a lot more than I expected. One of those uses is to bring it in the shower with me, something I never anticipated but have grown to truly love. It's an environment with new musical possibilities, and yet is so narrowly specific in mood. And so, for my first episode of copy/paste in my new home, I bring to you music for showers.

Originally recorded live on n10.as radio in montreal.