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Conspiracy Geeks Podcast

Agents Jeff and Eddie

Conspiracy Geeks Podcast
73 min2019 JAN 14
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Since the beginning of time, and once human beings became self-aware of their mortality they have become intrigued with what happens after we die.

 Although science has no proof that we transfer our conscience beyond the end of our physical lives religion and spirituality have worldwide offered an answer.

Most religions or spiritual beliefs suggest that our souls carry on to either another plane of existence or are reincarnated in some way.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary every so often a situation or event occurs that baffle even the most convincing skeptics or scientific reasoning.

Today we are going to cover one of the most argued examples of, what very well may be, proof of reincarnation that has ever occurred.

We are discussing the 4 or should we be bold and say “2” lives of the Pollock twins.

This story takes place in England.

John Pollock was born in Bristol in 1920. He was raised as a member of the Church of England but converted to Catholicism.

John’s wife, Florence Pollock grew up as a member of the Salvation Army and became Catholic upon marrying John

Yes, the Salvation Army is not just a charity but also a religion. They were founded in England in 1865 by former Methodist preacher named William Booth and his wife Catherine. They originally were called the East London Christian Mission and structured itself in a military type structure, it renamed itself the Salvation Army in 1878.

Florence Pollock maintained her disbelief in reincarnation up until the birth of the twins that are at the center of today’s case.

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