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Conspiracy Geeks Podcast

Agents Jeff and Eddie

Conspiracy Geeks Podcast
63 min2018 NOV 5
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This week’s case file is TC-0105-P1: Satan of Northport, The Case of Ricky Kasso


In the 1970’s a growing social sickness began to spread. Although many things attributed to this widespread phenomenon For many sociologists they attribute this in part to a media release of books such as Satan Seller by Mike Warnke and Michelle Remembers by Lawrence Pazder they both sold claims that Satanic Cults and that a secret and growing Satanic threat to the Christian values was creeping into the American dream and was a real danger to the culture and security of the world.


In 1992 Mike Warnke was exposed as a fraud and his tales and years of preaching were finally made known, Also in the early 1990s the tale of satanic ritual abuse in Michelle remembers that was claimed to be real was proven to be full of inaccuracies and fabrications however these books efforts and the threat it fictionally created, along with other growing issues in society and later fabrications of the truth made by religious fundamentalists and the use of this panic by law enforcement to make fear and suspicion influence investigations and be used to convict people based on their musical taste clothing choices and interests. This mindset sparked a phenomenon that would spread like the Black Death Plague. The term for this is called the Satanic Panic and from the McMartin Preschool abuse case to the West Memphis Three.


This Satanic Panic not only lead to false accusations and Christian fundamentalist persecution of suspects in criminal cases but also manifested a social sickness that took a section of society, specifically young people who fell outside the cookie cutter design of a “normal” child and made the rock music and secular, agnostic or atheistic minded youth of Generation X and drove them further into isolation and social persecution. When this panic is mixed with poor parenting and drug abuse you have disastrous results.


On June 19, 1984 in Northport, New York (a waterfront village in Long Island, New York. Teenager Gary Lauwers was brutally murdered in the Aztakea Woods. The investigation and media blitz that followed the events leading up to and right after the murder has been the subject of misconceptions and false reports that have to lead the case file to be filled with inaccurate information, confusion, and even outright false and fabricated lies. With the suspects and victim being out of there minds on Mescaline and LSD during the events and the accused murderer committing suicide by hanging himself only 48 hours after being arrested by police. It is difficult to be able to separate truth from fiction in these cases files.

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