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Conspiracy Geeks Podcast

Agents Jeff and Eddie

Conspiracy Geeks Podcast
86 min2020 FEB 14
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The following story is full of family, overcoming odds, success, fame and fortune and the love of a father and son, it is also a tale of tragedy, cover-ups, lies, myths and possible injustice.


However at the end of the day we are taking a look at two things; the murder of a man and the ties that murder may have to one of the most reported on events of the 1990’s. Our story begins in 1936 in rural North Carolina.


James Raymond Jordan was born in Wallace NC on July 31 1936. He met his future wife Deloris in High school, he joined the United States Air Force and eventually they had 5 children and ended up in Wilmington NC. James was known to be a gifted athlete a talent that his children also had and he spent much of his time sharing this love and honing of that talent with his children who apparently had the same gift of athleticism.


Specifically in baseball and basketball. James held his relationships in high regard, while keeping a close relationship with his children he also kept close with his friends and co-workers. Even after he moved to Charlotte NC after his children moved out of the family home after they graduated school.


On July 22 1993 James was attending the funeral of a former co-worker in Wilmington NC. Later that evening shortly after midnight he began the long drive from Wilmington back to Charlotte taking NC HWY 74.


Just before 2A.M. on July 23rd James decided to pull over off HWY 74 in Lumberton NC about 800 yards West of I-95 in the parking Lot of what at the time was a Quality Inn Motel.


Earlier That precious day in Lumberton two friends teenagers Daniel Green and Larry Demery who despite two and other friends were attending a party at Greens Godmothers place at a Trailer park in Lumberton.


At 1:30 a.m. either both Daniel or Larry or just one of them, this will be discussed later, departed the location of the gathering and for some reason that remains debated made their way to the Quality Inn parking lot that James Jordan had pulled over at to rest according to court documents.


Sometime between 2 a.m. and daybreak on the 23rd and altercation occurred between James Jordan and someone at the Quality Inn parking lot. This incident ended in 56 year old James Jordan, husband and father of 5 being shot once in the chest by a .38 caliber handgun and killed.


We are not going to say who was there or who pulled the trigger of the handgun because that fact is still up to debate for the sake of the investigative review we are conducting here.