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Cornerstone Conversations

Christie Idiong

Cornerstone Conversations
78 min2020 NOV 11
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*Trigger Warning* 15:00-16:15 There is potentially triggering discussion recalling September 11, 2001

I was really excited about this convo, for the fact that I know I don’t know nearly enough about this as I should. Especially teaching cultural competency so I was grateful to sit down with him and dissect the implicit biases that exist in society as well as myself. He broke down what ableism looks like, where these discussions could best serve in education for future healthcare professionals, and what we can all do today to fight ableism. He gave some great activists followers on social media and recommended the book Disability Visibility for anyone looking to begin or further their awareness in ableism. This is my call to action to change my algorithm.

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For the full show notes go to https://www.cornerstoneconvoswellness.com/episode-show-notes

Topics of discussion
General Ableism
Research in working with athletes with disabilities
What academia do to better prepare ATs
The Intersectionality that exists among disabilities and race