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Cornerstone Conversations

Christie Idiong

Cornerstone Conversations
21 min2020 NOV 18
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It’s the SEASON 1 FINALE and I’VE GOT SOME FEELINGS. I feel since I won’t be posting up any episodes on the Festivus, so I figure NOW would be a good time to air my grievances (Seinfeld fans know what’s up). I’ve learned a lot in these talks and I know I haven’t even scratched the surface. I CANNOT WAIT for you to hear what’s coming up in Season 2. Some of you like my solo convo tangents so buckle up. I’m talking about some causes that mean something to mean because they mean a lot to those I am close to. Topics of discussion- Native American Heritage Month- Movember - Men wearing dresses is literally finePromotions- Oyster Rock Apparel (oysterrockapparel@gmail.com)- Movember- GLAAD Organizations and ResourcesRecommendationsDonate if you can. If donation is not possible for you at this time, please share the pages below!The League of Extraordinary MoBro’s- Donate to Drew Broffman (https://movember.com/m/14482933)- Donate to R. John Reidy (https://movember.com/m/rjohn413)- Donate to Michael Crowe (https://movember.com/m/13363895)For the full fact check go to https://www.cornerstoneconvoswellness.com/episode-show-notesCheck out my website and follow Cornerstone on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram