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Cornerstone Conversations

Christie Idiong

Cornerstone Conversations
97 min2020 OCT 7
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Today I sat down with Senior Logistics NCO Sergeant First Class Robert Chadwick. On paper this friendship wouldn’t make sense to most... which is why it makes total sense for us to have this conversation. Robert holds his Masters of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and is pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration, which aligns really well with what he does in the Army. He also works alongside his wife, Jasmine as founders and creators of the minority owned and veteran operated apparel company Oyster Rock Apparel. (High possibility you will get to meet Jasmaine on here at some point) . In the episode he answers my questions about the Army’s inner workings, what makes an effective manager, and he drops some solid life advice for engaging in conversations with people who may not necessarily have the same opinion and what you should do to make your voice heard in your community.

For the full show notes go to https://www.cornerstoneconvoswellness.com/episode-show-notes

Topics of discussion
- Lessons you've learned being in the military
- Secrets to being an effective manager
- Importance of voting