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Cornerstone Conversations

Christie Idiong

Cornerstone Conversations
124 min2020 OCT 28
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Today I sat down with Mental Health Counselor, Writer, Humorist, My friend, Michelle. happy to have recorded proof of just how insightful she is. She is one of the most thought-provoking individuals I have ever met and to sit down and talk with her for a couple hours was (no-pun intended) so therapeutic for my mind and my soul. We mentioned a ton of books in this episode, check out the full show notes to see our recommendations at https://www.cornerstoneconvoswellness.com/episode-show-notes

Topics Discussed
-Her journey to become a counselor
-The Lessons she learned will living on a reservation
-How she’s integrated faith and spirituality into practice
-She gave little wisdom on how we can find a greater power than yourself