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Cornerstone Conversations

Christie Idiong

Cornerstone Conversations
69 min2020 NOV 4
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I was brought to tears in this conversation that you are about to listen to. I love what I do. I hope to do more of it for a long time. Sarah is a Licensed Guidance Counselor/ School Social Worker/ School Adjustment Counselor with SEI Endorsement, podcaster extraordinaire. Her methodology and practice building relationships with students through speaking her truth which in turn give them permission to speak theirs. She hosts her own podcast call Leading Passionately where she seeks to answer 2 questions: what makes a good leader? And what does it mean to lead passionately? (I flipped the script on her…. You’ll get to hear her answer on that). She’s well on her way to changing the world; her students and colleagues are very lucky to have her.Let me know what you think this conversation, give it a rating and hit subscribe so you never miss another miss another episode….ENJOYTopics of discussion- Journey to School Counseling- Her methodology and practice building relationships with students- What educators should keep in mind when teaching students during a pandemicGo subscribe to the Leading Passionately podcast for professional and personal development in leadership.Check out the full show notes to see our recommendations at https://www.cornerstoneconvoswellness.com/episode-show-notes