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Crazy Luv Stories Podcast

Matt Phifer and Sasha-Ann Simons

Crazy Luv Stories Podcast
43 min2017 OCT 31
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The idea of a blended, "insta-family" is wonderful and magical, but don't expect to fall in love with your partner's children overnight. Discipline, child care, and other possible issues need to be discussed early on, in order for the new stepfamily to function properly. In this episode, Matthew and Sasha share how their own blended family worked through its kinks, we answer a listener's "Ask Matt" question, and we highlight the "TOP 10 Qualities Men Look for In a Wife."Got a specific relationship question? Email us at crazyluvstories@gmail.com!For more dating and relationship advice and life coaching, check out New Perspectives by Matt Phifer at newperspectivesdating.com.Podcast Music: Jordan J River (tenent.org)Podcast Artwork: Kashta Media (kashtamedia.com)