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Crazy Luv Stories Podcast

Matt Phifer and Sasha-Ann Simons

Crazy Luv Stories Podcast
34 min2017 NOV 13
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To the women who believe there are no good men left, this episode is especially for you. Many women seem to think these mythical dudes are hiding in the bushes somewhere, or just rare, like an all-white peacock (yep, that's a thing). But the good men are right under your nose. In this episode, Matthew and Sasha are joined by entrepreneur, coach, and single father, Eric Eve, who opens up about his personal dating journey. Plus one listener's "Ask Matt" question focuses on co-workers who cross the line. Follow this week's guest:Eric Evehttp://www.thevaluemaker.com/The CEO Circuithttp://www.theceocircuit.com/Got a specific relationship question? Email us at crazyluvstories@gmail.com!For more dating and relationship advice and life coaching, check out New Perspectives by Matt Phifer at newperspectivesdating.com.Podcast Music: Jordan J River (tenent.org)Podcast Artwork: Kashta Media (kashtamedia.com)