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Crazy Luv Stories Podcast

Matt Phifer and Sasha-Ann Simons

Crazy Luv Stories Podcast
27 min2017 NOV 20
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It may seem like simple logic to leave a relationship that's no longer what you need or want, but some people would rather remain in it. They stay in the relationship because it's the safer option that sits with their comfort zone. In this episode, Matthew explains what it actually means when we settle for less than what we deserve, and how to stand firm and walk away. Plus you'll hear a listener's "Ask Matt" question on dealing with the memory of her boyfriend's deceased ex wife.Got a specific relationship question? Email us at crazyluvstories@gmail.com!For more dating and relationship advice and life coaching, check out New Perspectives by Matt Phifer at www.newperspectivesdating.com.Podcast Music: Jordan J River (tenent.org)Podcast Artwork: Kashta Media (kashtamedia.com)