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Get Real with Caroline Hobby

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Get Real with Caroline Hobby
54 minSEP 8
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A picture is truly worth a thousand words. In Alyssa’s new book, THE NEW SOUTHERN, she shares photos of top celebrity/inspiring homes along with an interview of each featured person that gives you a peak into this persons soul, reflected though their style. Alyssa also explainswhat “the new southern” looks like in her chapters. This book is stunning.She captured magic in the pages. Alyssa is a light worker, cancer survivor and truth teller. She shares her soul through her photography, public speaking and social media. This conversation is so raw and real.She tells metechniques for how she keeps her energy protected and what she does to shed negativity, plus how to navigate the news and all the negative energy that is thrown at us daily as well as align with your purpose. I love Alyssa and you will too! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers