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Get Real with Caroline Hobby

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Get Real with Caroline Hobby
49 minAUG 31
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Cannon and I have grown up and shared our whole life together.We reminisce about how our parents even let us move to Europe together for a summer to study abroad at Cambridge!We now understand as parents how hard it is to let your children fly without you, but what a blessing that is to give them wings, like our parents did for us.Cannon shares with me what she has learned from raising 3 daughters, how each one she has to parent differently.She also has suffered 2 miscarriages, one being very recent.Cannon expresses how she has found acceptance of the things she cannot understand with faith.She also shares with me how each one of her daughters handled the news and heartbreak completely differently.Cannon has been a high fashion jewelry designer for 20 years.She designed my one of a kind, super unique and stunning engagement ring and wedding bands.She has been featured in top magazine and sold in retail stores across the nation, as well as worn by many celebrities.. she tells me what...