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Go With The Heat

Go With The Heat

Go With The Heat
62 minJUN 22
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Listen, I’m going to be totally honest with you. This movie is a  stinker. Jeff Wincott is not the next star, no matter what martial arts  magazine says it. BUT…

We have a TON of fun with this movie! Its so bad its good. And, to  continue the honesty, this podcast episode is the best way to consume  Deadly Bet. This is the best version. Also, its basically out of print  so this might be the ONLY way to find it.Except on YouTube you amazing  bastards!

We love to hate this movie and it has all the hallmarks of a true  “trash movie”. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll never watch another  Wincott movie. But, definitely listen to this podcast.

Movie info

Premiered: Oct. 31, 1992

Directed by: Richard Munchkin

This dude is all  about gambling. He is a professional Blackjack player, appeared on a  blackjack game show, wrote a book about gambling, hosts a radio show  about gambling, worked in a casino. Oh, also wrote or directed over 20  movies including Ring of Fire one and two starring Don The Dragon  Wilson.

Written by: Joseph Mehri, Robert Tiffe

Joseph  founded PM Entertainment, produced a ton of movies then left the  business in 2003. His wiki suggests he also owned pizzerias in Vegas.  Robert made a bunch of direct-to-video stuff. This movie is like a  combination of all people hanging out in the parking lot at Universal  Studios before their waiter gig at the restaurant that makes them sing.

Are these the guys that got busted for cheating in the movie Casino?


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