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Go With The Heat

Go With The Heat

Go With The Heat
35 minJUL 6
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We go so much great feedback from our last “You Should Watch It”, we  decided to make it a regular addition to the podcast. We love it because  it allows us to venture deep into the archives and find classics that  are just outside of our action wheelhouse.

This episode is exactly one of those situations. We don’t normally  cover scifi and we’ve NEVER done a horror movie. So, why not both?  Melissa and Dominic are huge horror fans (anyone want our Shudder  login?) and were right at home with a classic horror with amazing  practical effects. John is the scifi geek and loves the flamethrower  cops in special suits running around the sewers.

Oh yeah, and its got a fantastic cast! We love C.H.U.D. as much as we love Toxie and we think you’ll love it too.

Movie info

Premiered: August 31, 1984

Directed by: Douglas Cheek

Written by: Parnell Hall & Shepard Abbott

This basically boils down to it was made by a bunch of nobodies who  somehow cobbled together an AMAZING cast and delivered a fantastic  monster movie.



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