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28 min2019 JUN 28
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Life as the Father of a Wheelchair User & Founder of Handiscover

Sebastien Archambeaud, Founder and CEO of Handiscover, is an entrepreneur, surfer, husband and father living in Sweden. Travelling is a huge part of life for Sebastien and his family. They are constantly looking to escape the cold of Northern Europe searching for waves and warmer weather. However, Sebastien’s son, Teo, has muscle disease and requires a wheelchair. Throughout their travels, Sebastien and his family realised how challenging it was for them to find accommodations adapted to their son’s needs. 

Sebastien started the company Handiscover to address these particular challenges and to help those facing similar difficulties. Now, together with a great crew of supporters, ambassadors and a really strong team; Handiscover’s aim is to empower and enable billions of people who have some form of disability, to discover the world.

To learn more about Sebastien and this episode, visit: https://www.handiscover.com/content/tips-articles/life-as-the-father-of-a-wheelchair-user-founder-of-handiscover/

Visit www.handiscover.com and use the code Travel30 to get 30 GBP off your first booking with Handiscover!