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40 min2019 JUL 26
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The Importance of Character & Individuality for People with Disabilities

Elizabeth Wright is an Australian Paralympic swimmer. Having swum at two Paralympic games, Elizabeth walked away with 3 Paralympic medals. Not only that but Elizabeth also walked away with a drive to help other people thrive in their own lives.
After retiring from Paralympic swimming she was left wondering "what enabled me to stick with my sport and be resilient to bounce back from setbacks?"
Elizabeth Wright was born with a physical disability at a time when children like her would be sent to special schools. Her parents fought for her inclusion in mainstream schooling. This experience enabled her to grow in self-belief and confidence and to ultimately go on to win three Paralympic medals. Elizabeth left the sport of swimming knowing she could achieve her goals. Elizabeth wanted to understand what it was that had enabled her to fulfil her potential, that is when she discovered character. Elizabeth moved to the UK to pursue a career in speaking, focusing on schools. Elizabeth’s aim is to help pupils thrive in all aspects of their lives; the programme is a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to resilience and wellbeing, and includes fun activities that engage and motivate.

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