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35 min2019 AUG 30
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The Wheelchair Tourist

This week’s guest is Tobias Binder AKA The Wheelchair Tourist. Tobias was born prematurely which caused his tetraplegia. He has always been eager to travel to new places, meet new people and to simply live a 'normal' life. In his teenage years, he fell in love with American and British culture. He has travelled to the USA and the UK several times. One main reason to visit these countries are the theme parks. Tobias has found that a lot of US and UK theme parks (and of course the rides) are quite accessible.

The spark of the idea of a journey, the whole planning process and the way an idea develops into an experience is what inspires him. Travelling is essential to Tobias. He loves getting away, seeing new things, experiencing new places – and after all coming back home with lots of new impressions give him energy for everyday life. Tobias shares his experiences through his social media handle and blog called The Wheelchair Tourist. He hopes to inspire other wheelchair users to go out and explore the world themselves.

To learn more about Tobias and this episode, visit: https://blog.handiscover.com/content/tips-articles/podcast-the-wheelchair-tourist/

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