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Hank's History Hour

Hank Nelson

Hank's History Hour
--2009 SEP 23
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After WWII, Western Europe was in ruins. The nations of this devastated continent had crumbling economies, turbulent political reshuffling, and changing national identities. However, through a new series of alliances (and a little help from the US), these countries bounced back from the brink and became the nations we recognize today. We will also talk about that charming period of American and Soviet militarization known as the Cold War. We will discuss how Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and popular culture helped create a passionate (in the "let's riot" kind of way) youth movement. And finally, we will talk about the most badass of French badasses: Charles De Gaulle. In this episode I am also joined by Kyle Sheridan, a good friend of mine. Kyle is a gentleman and a scholar and kindly offered to assist me on this, the second to the last Podcast in Hank's History Hour. I hope you enjoy it, and good luck on your tests!