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Hidden Stories with Jeremy Fulkerson

Sell or Die Podcast Network

Hidden Stories with Jeremy Fulkerson
49 min2019 APR 4
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Today we're discussing the F-Word...in entrepreneurship, "franchising." Sometimes it can feel like a four letter word without the proper mindset.

So says our guest today, Dru Carpenito. He is a consultant on franchising and has a ton of insight into a business venture that can be full of great promise and great pitfalls. We have an open conversation about the challenges and benefits to owning a franchise and he gives you tips on which franchises opportunities you aren't thinking about that could reel in big returns. 

I hear a lot of feedback from listeners that are tired of working for a corporation. "I hate my boss. I don't know what to do. I have a family, I have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, but I feel trapped."  Your situation might be the product of the corporate and education system we have created in America. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job, work 50 years, sock 10% away and retire. Drew Carpenito is here to tell you there might be another way.

On today's podcast...

2:52 - Drew got into franchising by accident
5:03 - Sales is the endgame
7:44 - The misconceptions around franchising: it's more than waffle fries
9:53 - It's harder to get into Chick Fila than into Harvard
12:35 - How do you instill culture and leadership into a franchise?
15:56 - The education system in America leads down a path away from franchising
18:00 - Are you one of the three types of people that join the franchise world?
21:26 - "Your franchise failed because you didn't follow the system." is TOTAL B.S.
26:11 - Can anyone open a franchise?
28:54 - Getting over the perception of investing in "unsexy businesses"
32:30 - What kind of financing do you need to get into franchising?
37:33 - Sexy franchise opportunities you might not be thinking about.
41:48 - Franchising is a strategy

More about today's guest...

Dru provides guidance and consulting to people who are considering investing in a franchise. Having worked with thousands of people exploring franchising as a path to achieve their goals - both functioning as an executive with two respected franchise brands and as a consultant working with individuals - Dru has a fundamental knowledge of franchising that candidates benefit from. Learn more about his services here.

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