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Jawnville: The Philly Podcast

Jawnville: The Philly Podcast

Jawnville: The Philly Podcast
52 MIN2017 AUG 21
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Episode 20 is here. Rachel and Nicole sit in along with Philly photographer extraordinaire Kyle Cassidy and his friend Michael.

Kyle took time out of his busy schedule promoting his new book about librarian to have a bunch of adult beverages and talk Philly and life.

This week we cover:

-Breaking into your friend’s house to skinny dip at her pool, then breaking an arm shortly later (photo below, yuck!)

-Kyle’s book about librarians and a library that rents out kayaks.

-George R. Martin as a nerdy kid (Nicole’s mom went to school with him) and Kyle asking him if potatoes grow in Westeros while taking his photo

-A boyfriend who pees the bed and more.

-Guys who masturbate at movies and while getting their haircut

-Hamilton craze comes to Kimmel Center

-Peppermint Patty addict torments northeast Philly residents

-Meek Mill owns Philly streaming habits

-Waking up Nicole’s mom to ask her about her crush on Pitbull

-Local band Ruby the Hatchet

-Eagles Cheerleaders Bikini Calendar and toxins near your genitals.

-much more and lots of booze.

Thanks to O’Neals Pub for hosting us and Black Landlord for the music.

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Nicole’s broken arm below [graphic]::::