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Just Something About Her With Jennifer Palmieri

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Just Something About Her With Jennifer Palmieri
49 min2020 NOV 19
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Ellen Pao has become a champion for fairness and inclusion in Silicon Valley as a long-time entrepreneur and tech investor. Her landmark gender discrimination case against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins in 2012 inspired other women to stand up against harassment and discrimination in the workplace, also known as the “Pao Effect.” As the CEO of Reddit, Ellen was the first major social platform leader to ban revenge porn, unauthorized nude photos, and cross-platform harassment. Currently, she is the CEO of nonprofit Project Include, which uses data-based solutions and recommendations for equity at tech companies. Ellen joins Jennifer Palmieri to discuss whether or not CEOs have the power and technology to control misinformation and hate, what the “Bamboo Ceiling” is, and their expectations vs. reality for women in the workplace.
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