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Noah Chrysler

Life Story with Noah Chrysler
190 min2020 AUG 21
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This is one of my best friends Aidan Procopio. Aidain’s life story is about critical analysis, learning from mistakes, and authenticity.

As a kid, Aidan was born with severe allergies that drastically affected his life from day one. Both Aidan and his brother Spencer were raised by two loving parents. He grew up with a big Italian family. Aidan attended Faith Heritage middle school, which introduced religion as a big part of his life. 

Among other things, Aidan remembers loving Star Wars, reading tons of books, and being super into World War II. As Aidan entered public school for the first time, he experienced a huge culture shock. He found a love for linguistics, spent a lot of time doing improv, and gradually lost his religious faith. In college Aidan had a massive group of “straight edge” friends, and eventually joined a college improv group called No Laugh Track Required. 

Aidan learned Russain, explored potentially becoming a police officer, and gradually became less and less “straight edge” by periodically experimenting with drugs and alcohol. 

Towards the end of college, Aidan was diagnosed with type I diabetes. On track to become a teacher, Aidan found himself student-teaching, and realized very quickly that it was not the right career for him. Aidan talks about how the stress of that situation led to him planning his own suicide, which ultimately led to him seeking mental health counseling. 

With a new focus on self-care, Aidan now regularly practices meditation. He hopes to one day earn his doctorate in sociology or linguistics and become a published author.


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