Life Story with Noah Chrysler

Noah Chrysler

Life Story with Noah Chrysler
150 min2020 AUG 13
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This is Stephen Scriber, my boss, mentor, and friend. Stephen is one of the smartest and most humble people I’ve ever met. The first time I walked into his office and met Stephen, I immediately knew I wanted to work for him. Stephen wanted to build something massive that actually helped people and changed their lives for the better. I wanted to be apart of that and help that vision come to life.

Stephen talks about growing up in a military family and moving around a lot as a kid. He talks about how he always loved learning and how school came early. Stephen talks about discovering his sexuality and how that impacted his own self image. While he was studying abroad in South Africa, Stephen realized that he could reinvent himself as an openly gay man, and proceeded to bring that out confidence back with him to the US. He talks about deciding to become a lawyer and the long journey he’s taken to currently owning and operating Modern Estate Planning.

Stephen’s story is about self discovery, courage, and authenticity. Stephen is awesome. Together, it’s my hope that we can build a massive business, and help a lot of people.


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