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Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot!

Bodybyloud! Vint's Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot

Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot!
--2018 JUL 24
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Let's Create GetRight Radio Together
GetRight Radio is our quest to create a radio station from scratch?  A radio station created by music lovers who enjoy engaging with others on the subject of music.
Here's the high-dea:  Members of the GetRight Radio group on Bodybyloud! submit and rate the music in the group feed. The best-rated music gets put on the radio playlist.  It goes on whichever platform (YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify,etc.) it was presented in.
How it's done:

* Say a member posts a SoundCloud track to the group
* It's rated by the group members.
* If it rates well we add it to the playlist.
* A post has to rate 3 flames or higher to be considered for the Radio/Playlist.
* The Radio/Playlists is displayed on this post and in the group forum.

Join GetRight Radio Creators it's FREE!
Remember, in order to have a say in what goes on the radio station you need to be a member of the Bodybyloud! Group.
We are looking for moderators to help manage the group so if you're a music aficionado and have the time, energy and desire to be a radio station creator, hit me up when you join.

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B.O.R.N aka Bitter Old Rap Nigga aka Slimm Jollie
My Bro, homie, ace, Slimm Jollie hung out with the Mrs. and I this weekend and we did a few Loudtalk in the GetRight Spot podcasts.  We discuss many subjects including mental health, coping with loss and setbacks in life.