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Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot!

Bodybyloud! Vint's Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot

Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot!
3 min2018 MAY 9
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Live the Ideal Which is Love.
I had a little something to say about the Kanye West debate this past week, so I recorded my mentality on my ride to work.  A friend and I were discussing Mr. West on Facebook and I believe I had some poignant thoughts on the matter so I decided to include the FB post in this post.  Hope my buddy don't mind.  Our discussion led me to the idea that we should all, Live the Ideal Which is Love.
I guess we can call this voice memo my first installment of Loudtalk from the Getright Spot! Podcast.  Listen and tell me what you think in the comments.  Yeah, I know I said "Ideal" a lot, lol.
I love to throw some music on these types of post so I included a track by The Internet below.  Enjoy.