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Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot!

Bodybyloud! Vint's Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot

Loudtalk from The GetRight Spot!
--2018 JUN 10
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Only Thought is Creative
This is a Bodybyloud Vint's Loudtalk in the GetRight Spot! podcast episode where K1L2 and I, Bodybyloud! Vint discuss the principle set forth by Thomas Troward that "Only Thought is Creative". We get deep about what this principle means and the truth in it.  It's our very first elevation session together.  Listen to the YouTube edition for the full episode.
I am a mental scientist because of The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science and several other books by Thomas Troward.  His writings helped convince me that we have power in our consciousness.
Mental scientists believe that control of conscious thought and feelings have a creative effect in life.  I've always been a thinker and believed thoughts have creative power.   This belief was affirmed through the writings of the Honorable Judge Troward.  I now consider his writings to be a master teacher's guidebook on how to live a wonderful life.

Smoke one to The Edinburgh Lectures

Smoke one to The Edinburgh Lectures
I understand that reading or even listening to the audiobook of The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science is no small task.  It was written in a time and vernacular that's difficult at best to follow at times.  Troward has a thorough lecture style that sets a premise and sets out to unequivocally prove said premise.  That's what so great about Troward, to a mind like mine, this is what it takes to get a point across to me.  If you can't logically prove a point, you might have to throw the whole premise out the window with me.  I gotta have logistical proof that's difficult for me to get around.  Given that the subject matter is pure conjecture makes this task that much harder.  However, Troward cuts me off at every angle so I'm forced to concede his point or face the truth.  The truth is so beautiful to face in this case.  You may only get nuggets of truth after large gaps of "what the fuck is dude talking about" but when you do get those nuggets it's like the best nuggets you've ever had.  To me, it was a reawakening of faith.  I can only hope so much for others.
This is why is say Smoke One before or while you listen to this lecture.  Let your mind be free to ideas you never entertained.  An open mind is all that's required to expand your consciousness.  Weed gave me the freedom or relaxation of mind to say "what makes this true?" and sit there and let it be explained to me thoroughly.  This is a must and ain't nothing like being high when stuff is deep.  Give it a try and let your mind be free.

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