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Midnight Wisdom

Khalid Yassin

Midnight Wisdom
36 minSEP 6
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Recorded on the 3rd of September 2020 at the same time and place I recorded “3 days before 23” at on the 9th of June (I think I said 19th of May in the episode itself). I sat down in the quiet and cool night, and I listened to the entire thing. And then I recorded this one. A mirror. 

I allow myself to hold that mirror up to myself thanks to technology. I realized talking is a method I use not to be alone. To reach myself.. differently.

I talked about being there then and being here now and created an axis to tell myself where the moon is at that point as I record for when I listen later. Memory can only hold on too so much.

I also talked about chess and the intricacies of moving within rules. I talk about Rami, Momo and the family.

It felt good.

Two nights later (yesterday night) was a very beautiful night I'll only have in memory.

Recorded with my Bluetooth Bose QC 35II headphones.