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Midnight Wisdom

Khalid Yassin

Midnight Wisdom
44 minAUG 31
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I felt like I did something irreversibly bad. And I couldn't bring myself to think it came from anything that I actually did. It made me think of the direction I'm taking, and where I am. As someone who's always trying to follow a true path, what does something like that even mean?

I look at fear in this one, at least fear for me. Of loss, of gain and being in foreign states.

I don't get to any answers really. I just really feel alright with whatever as long I'm true to my intelligence.

To die through to that which cannot be lost.

I mentioned a few things I could potentially be afraid of but I missed a few.

I'm afraid of not being able to be a parent one day. 

That's one of the heavier ones I can think of.

But I'm not worried either way.

Let's be who we are as often as we get to.

A few other fears:

1- not being able to settle in a place I can call home soon.

2- having to go back to Jordan because I couldn't renew my visa or find a job to keep it going.

But I'm alright with either.

If I have any advice, just look at what makes you afraid.

Really look at it. And really see it. And see it more. And then be okay with what you're seeing. Nod, and keep moving.