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Midnight Wisdom

Khalid Yassin

Midnight Wisdom
33 minSEP 13
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13.09.2020 3pm 

I flowed enough to catch a free movie and a party. 

I'm trying to listen more and more. I see that when my head is in a space of distraction, there is no need to "do" anything to get it out of that space.

To finish or eliminate tasks to free up that space. There is always space. It's about reaching the clarity to find it, be it and live it.

That's why in times like this, and like today, I'm meditating more. 

Meditation in itself is an act. And it feels like right now is the time to do it. Without the attachment and without the need.

I talk about a job I'm interested in, and things that have happened throughout the week I've been back in Berlin.