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Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast

Rory Mitchell

Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast
65 minOCT 18
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On this podcast episode I had a chance to sit with Leks Vucko, we talk about her life changing accident which curates this whole podcast as we touch on the power of self-talk, staying positive and much more. Years later, Leks found herself on another self-discovery journey while dealing with the challenges that life offers. In order to channel the anger she was holding within from everything that has happened in the past and not knowing how to deal with it, in the process of rebuilding herself back up, she had found her passion in helping people through fitness/health/nutrition. Her background consists of muay thai kickboxing, boxing, and weight lifting. Leks has found a unique approach to help women shift their mindset when it comes to their bodies, their health, healthy food and overall being as fit as they want to! Leks' mission in life is to help women stop the whole yo-yo-ing, stop dieting, stop trying new things, stop failing and start changing from within so that they can be free to live a truly healthy life without counting calories, without the food obsession and - most importantly - without guilt and shame. This is a powerful self-talk podcast for the masses! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rory-mitchell8/support