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Month Over Month Podcast

Zachary Lukasiewicz

Month Over Month Podcast
36 min2020 APR 16
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This podcast is a monthly check-in with individuals on how they’re adjusting to our rapidly changing political and economic climate.

Pranoy Mohapatra began tutoring as a high school sophomore for a local company after finding joy in helping classmates at the Academy of Allied Health and Sciences study for tests. Pranoy found he learned by teaching and explaining concepts to reinforce them, and often viewed standardized tests as puzzles. He feels strongly about empowering students to take control of their own learning and development, rather than dragging them through test after test. Connecting students to the "whys" of learning, and helping students connect their education to real life and their future plans, as well as creating courage and confidence amidst the convoluted path of "growing up" is a passion, as he relates to the stressors and decisions of adulthood made during adolescence.

Pranoy’s approach to test prep focuses on in depth understanding and recognition of concepts, as he found the “memorize and regurgitate” methods taught in many classes frustrating. His objective is to provide the tools necessary for any student with goals the opportunity to reach them.

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