Haryo Sedhono & Vera Talarek

31 min2020 APR 2
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A space in Los Angeles’s China Town. Fully dedicated to exploring and experimenting with scents: Sounds like a dream? It’s a dream come true. It’s the Institute for Art and Olfaction.

Come and meet Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of this inspiring space that provides access to the world of scent to people around the globe.

If you’d like to find out what film and perfume have in common, why setting up the Art and Olfaction Awards involved filling hundreds of decants in Saskia’s kitchen and why literally creating access to materials and sharing information is at the heart of Saskia’s work, stay tuned.

This conversation was recorded in 2018 when we met Saskia in Amsterdam at her Mediamatic pop-up studio close to the railroads. You might even hear the train passing in the background. It was our first take on Osmoscope podcast - a conversation that has changed the way we look at scent. It might change yours, too.