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Portraits of Blue & Grey: The Biographical Civil War Podcast

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Portraits of Blue & Grey: The Biographical Civil War Podcast
114 minJAN 2
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Sherman's famous March to the Sea is one of the most well-known and noteworthy campaigns of the U.S. Civil War and probably contributed more than anything else to the hatred of Sherman that flourished in the South for 100 years after the war. After capturing Savannah, Sherman turned north, headed for Columbia, SC. Where Savannah survived occupation relatively unscathed, Columbia would not be so lucky. By the time Sherman reunited with Grant, the war was all but over, with only some relatively light mop-up duty left on the agenda.Sherman played little to no role in Reconstruction, instead moving out west to focus on the Transcontinental Railroad and Indian Wars while in his new position as General of the Army.If you'd like to reach out to the show, email us at blueandgreypodcast@gmail.com.Thanks as always for listening, and I hope you enjoy Part 4 of our Portrait of William Tecumseh Sherman.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices