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Tanti Table
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We thank the workers keeping us safe during our shelter from the Codi-19 virus. This episode, we tackle this topic- talking about the pandemic’s impact on the entire globe, and on our personal lives. In the midst of physical distancing, our co-host Armeghan checks in with us to share her thoughts on the news, on those in her community most affected, and on what it means to be safe. Producer & host Rhea Ramjohn, shares her conversation with her mother, a health care work in Boston, U.S.A. She shares her experience with Covid-19 patients and tells us what it’s like caring for her family and working in the Boston health care system. Next time we hear from co-host Goitsy about managing her life as a writer, mom, and work-from-home-teacher during Berlin’ stay-at-home order. Thank you for supporting us and listening to the Tanti Table Podcast, where we bring together the Thinkers, Anecdotes, News, Taboos, and Intersectionality of Berlin & beyond. Wishing you health- mind, body, & soul.

Pour yourself a drink and pull up a seat where there’s always place for you at the Tanti Table.

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Hosts: Goitsy Montsho, Armeghan Taheri, Rhea Ramjohn

Executive Procucer: Rhea Ramjohn

Music: Shannon Sea

Cover: Mariama Sow