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Tanti Table

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Tanti Table
53 minFEB 19
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Writer, educator, and newly published poet, Allia Sadeghipour joins us this week at the Tanti Table, where we bring together the Thinkers Anecdotes News Taboos & Intersectionality of Berlin & beyond, sip some tea and question the powers that be!
Allia shares how her childhood in Iran and the U.S. shaped her writing style, her commitment to code-switching, and the importance of being seen in our communities. Her new book of poetry, The Ghosts of Berlin traces the haunting and alluring forms of our brutal yet beautiful Berlin. She’s been featured in the magazine What’s Afghan Punk Rock Anyway?, created by our co-host Armeghan Taheri, so we talk to them about Issue 2- the “love” issue, about the different forms of love, and about duh- about punk rock!
See Rhea, Armeghan, and Allia talking about What’s Afghan Punk Rock Anyway live on Feb 25th at 7pm at Tuesday CoWorking in Berlin, Germany.
Follow us on Instagram @tantitablepodcast to find out what the Tantis are up to around town!
Pour yourself your favorite cup, & pull up a seat where there’s always place for you at the Tanti Table!
Follow Allia Sadeghipour at @awerfjil
Hosts: Goitsy Montsho, Armeghan Taheri, Rhea Ramjohn
Executive Procucer: Rhea Ramjohn
Music: Shannon Sea
Cover: Mariama Sow